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  • Guaranteed: All our products are guaranteed for 15 years (thats longer than your car's warranty). It is easy for us because our gabion baskets last for 50-100 years.

  • Stronger: We use stronger steel mesh than other gabion suppliers. Most use 9-11 gauge steel - we use top quality 6 gauge steel mesh.

  • Custom Built: We build gabions any shape and size to match your needs. Most other companies just use standard size gabions and don't customize.

Why Choose Custom Gabion Design

Custom Gabion Design has reinvented Gabions for many uses: gabion walls and gabion fencing, building facades, bench seats, fire pits, BBQ islands, wall and fence foundations, sound barriers, custom furniture, fountain and pond surrounds, mail boxes, retaining walls, planters, pillars, columns and more. Essentially, anything you can imagine for residential or commercial projects can be created with Gabion features.

  • Guaranteed

    Custom Gabion Design builds gabion baskets and cages that will last for decades, so we can confidentally guarantee all our products for 15 years. If any part of our gabions fail we will replace it completely free of charge for up to 15 years.

  • Stronger

    Most gabion suppliers build gabion baskets with light gauge (9-11 gauge) steel mesh that is prone to flexing or failure in the long run. We build all our products from heavy gauge (6-7 gauge), top quality, steel mesh. It is stronger, holds a straight edge and will last for decades. Our products can be built from either Galvanized steel or Bare steel mesh (Bare steel rusts).

  • Options

    We offer multiple options for you to get a beautiful gabion product.
    1. You can just buy custom built gabion baskets from us. We ship or deliver anywhere in USA or you can pick up gabion baskets from our Arizona location (recommended if you are on a tight budget and like DIY (Do It Yourself) projects)

    2. You can order custom built gabion baskets from us, have us install them, and you can put in your own rock (recommended if you want to finish the project yourself and like DIY (Do It Yourself))

    3. You can have us take care of everythng from start to finish. We will professionally, build, install, and complete your gabion project. (recommended for most projects)

gabion wall

Custom Gabion Design Products and Supply

All of our gabion products for residential and commercial projects are designed and constructed in Phoenix, AZ, USA. We deliver and install anywhere in the USA.
For more gabion product ideas that we can make for you please visit us on Pintrest.

Gabion Baskets and Cages

Option 1 (Lots of DIY (Do It Yourself) involved - $)
Have us build and ship or deliver gabion baskets so you can install and finish your own project. Custom built gabion baskets to the specifications you need. Any size, shape, and type of steel you want. If you are on a budget but still want an amazing gabion product this is your best option. This option will save you some money and give the satisfaction of doing part of it yourself. We can ship gabion baskets nationally in the US or deliver locally. You can also pick up gabions from us in Phoenix.


Option 2 (Some DIY (Do It Yourself) involved - $$)
Many of our customers want to add the rocks to their gabion baskets themselves, but they want us to professional build and install the gabion baskets for them. In this option we would build your gabion baskets to your specifications and we would also install the baskets at your location, including building the foundation, concreting in support posts, connecting and leveling the gabion baskets, etc., ready for you to add your own rock to the gabions to complete the project.

From Start to Finish

Option 3 (No DIY (Do It Yourself) involved - we do it all - $$$)
Most of our customers want a complete gabion product, professionally completed from start to fininsh. In Option 3, we would build your gabion baskets to your specifications; we would install the cages at your location (including build the foundation, concreting in support posts, connecting and leveling the gabion baskets, etc.) and we would also add the rock to the cages, and add any other features to the gabions (like wood or angle iron framing), to complete the project.

Gabion cages built, installed and completed
Landscape Walls, landscpae ideas and retaining walls

Custom Landscapes

we develop custom landscapes incorporating gabions to bring your yard to life. Custom pricing for residential or commercial settings, click here to request a quote.

Feature Walls & Retaining Walls

designed with your passion in mind, super strong construction, and delivers on whatever landscape purpose you need. Gabion walls are cheaper, stronger and quicker to install than any other rock wall. And we guarantee them for 15 years.

Mailboxes & House Numbers

mailboxes and house numbers can be created to suit the style of you house or landscape. Starting at $295.

Planters & BBQ Islands

designed specifically to fit in with your landscape, planters and BBQ islands can be created in any shape or size. Starting at $195.

MailBox, House Number and Planter

Bench Seat and coffee table

Bench Seats

we build beautiful bench seats, that can be created in any size and designed with your needs in mind. Starting at $350.

Coffee Tables

a unique coffee table for indoor or outdoor settings. Starting at $295.

Dining Tables

the perfect dining table to meet indoor or outdoor dining needs. Starting at $495.

Building Accents

a totally unique look to your retail space, house, garage, or other structures. Adding gabion accent features look great and can also enhance your buildings environmental capabilties.

Building Accents and Fascades

Commercial Gabion Projects

Commercial Projects

We have built some ground breaking gabion projects for commercial applications, such as the largest, radius, facade, gabion wall in the USA, and possibly the world.

Structural gabions, bridges, walls, planters, pillars, gabion feature walls, and any other commercial project can be created by Custom Gabion for commercial uses.

Custom Gabion Projects

See some of our completed gabions walls, fences, mailboxes, and other projects (Click images to enlarge)

Custom Gabion Testimonials

See what our customers are saying about us

Custom Designs

Gabions are very affordable and can be customized to suit your needs and budget. If you can imagine it, we can build it, deliver it and install it.

We also build gabion baskets / cages to your specifications, that you can install yourself.

Please email us for more details and to get a quote for your custom project.
Or call us at 480-745-9325 and one of our friendly staff in Phoenix, AZ will be happy to answer all your questions.

Gabion Video

Custom Gabion Design makes anything possible.
Beautiful Landscapes
Custom Furniture
Retaining Walls & Gabion Baskets

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What is Gabion

a wire basket or container (or gabion basket) filled with rock, broken concrete, or other material, used in the construction of dams, retaining walls, landscapes and more.

  • Derived from an old Italian word, gabbione, meaning "big cage"

    Gabions are enclosures that can be filled with any sort of inorganic material: rock, brick, or concrete debris. The gabion baskets or cages were originally wicker, but now are usually a welded mesh made of sturdy galvanized, coated, or stainless steel wire that won't bend when filled with rocks. In landscaping, gabion walls can used as feature walls, sound barriers, support for an earth wall, in custom furniture, to stabilize soil, prevent erosion, and more.

A World of Possibilites

Custom Gabion Design has reinvented Gabions for many uses: feature walls, building facades, bench seats, outdoor fire surrounds, fences and fence foundations, sound barriers, custom furniture, fountain and pond surrounds, mail boxes, retaining walls, planters, and even pillars for water taps. We can build gabions to any size and shape to suit your projects needs.

  • Customizable

    Gabions can be used in hundreds of applications from practical uses to cosmetic features.

  • Versatile

    Gabions can be stacked, curved, straight, square, circular, retangular, etc. Any size, shape, style, texture, and color is possible.

  • Long Lasting

    Built from steel wire mesh and rock, gabions will last for decades. We guarantee it.

gabion wall

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